Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Japanese Sushi Restaurant "SHORI"



Thanks to a mild climate and a clean natural environment, Yaizu port is famous as a prosperous fishing port throughout Japan. The amount of the fish landing is No.1 in Japan, especially for Tuna & Bonito.

Our specialty is Sushi & Sashimi made by extensively using fresh ocean raised fish, carefully selected by our master chef. His keen eye for quality, hand picks variety of fresh fish at the market every morning.

Additional culinary offerings include vegetable dishes, sizzling-hot seafood and tempura, battered quick-fried by our expert chefs!
Our restaurant carries extensive wine from all over the world, wide range of Japanese sake selection and Shizuoka brewed draft beer through out the year.

We are especially proud of locally brewed Sake "Isojiman". Isojiman is uniquelly hand made by it's producer. The process is complicated yet delicate, flawless brewing style that Isojiman is renown for. The taste is refreshing and fruity, overflows with aromas of white stone fruit, rock melon and green pears. Delicately sweet,with clean acidity and well-balanced flavour. This elegant sake is not only wonderful as an aperitif, it also has enough oomph to stand up to a variety of foods.

Since it's opening, Shori has been loved by both locals and tourists. The owners, mother and daughter team, passionately believes that this remarkable fresh food in this unique environment is one of a kind experience. We are devoted to maintaining the purity of our vision and providing great customer service.